ingrid gould NAO L
A brief history

KINGS NORTON MUSIC was established ten years ago to promote and sell the music of Ingrid Gould. Our music is available to download or to order printed copies by post. We are an online business and do not sell any other publications other than our own. 

Ingrid Gould is a former European virtuoso championship player, composer and teacher. Her own compositions are in a variety of styles reflecting her interest in many genres, from Balkan and Klezmer to French Musette, English Folk music and Classical. She will consider commissions and special arrangements for solo, duet or group performance. 

Her music, particularly that for group performance is tailored to cover all ability ranges. 

Ingrid's 'raison d'etre' is to get the world playing the accordion! She teaches at all levels, in schools and privately, from beginners to advanced, children to adults and runs regular groups for both accordions and mixed instruments and is a thoughtful, gentle and inspiring teacher.

If you have always wanted to play in a group setting but feel intimidated or lack confidence in your playing, then do get in touch."



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